Valentine 10k Results – February 2023

There was a small mix up with the results initially, but they finally came and what an excellent set they were.

Michael Eccles ran a fantastic race to come in second overall in 31.50.
Laurie Woods was on form once again, running another PB in a diamond standard time of 34.20.
Carl White had a great to run to finish in a platinum standard and PB time of 34.51.

These three also won the Men’s team award.

Simon Partridge finished in 35.04, coming just a week after running the delayed Reedham 10.
Johno, pacing again, did an excellent job and ran a BVH PB in a diamond standard 36.21.
Matt Stone was really pleased to run a 50-54 age best and diamond standard time of 37.43.
Tom Jordan also racing just a week after Reedham 10 still ran a gold standard PB in 37.54
Peter Woods ran a 50-54 age best, in a gold standard time of 42.07
Fran Cooke had another strong run to finish in a diamond standard, age record time and PB of 42.34.
It was great to see Amy Balaam back racing again after a lot of time off. She was back with a bang to run a gold standard, age best time of 44.22.
Mark Crookes didn’t let his dodgy knee stop him running a silver standard 45.58 PB.
Alice Grant is getting back on form running a bronze standard 48.02 and only 14 seconds adrift of her PB.
Scott Chapman ran a bronze standard, BVH PB of 50.02.
Charlotte Harris Cook, helped along by Scott in her first 10k for BVH, finished in 50.13.
Leanne Botwright ran a bronze standard, age best time of 51.42
Graham Cox in the 70+ group ,ran an age record gold standard time of 52.35.
Simon Alcock was our final BVH runner across the finish line in 1.00.00.

Excellent running everyone.