Great North Run 2023

It was such a long way for Michael Eccles to travel and not get the results he wanted.
He finished in 1:16:01 which is quite pedestrian for him, although it was a platinum age club record. 
Michael’s message after the race:-
“I hated every second of that, the first mile is downhill but I went up a hill at 3 miles and my legs were gone, it was then a death march to the finish, it was seriously hot and it was a pain to get to the start and I was in the sun a long time beforehand, I did think I’d be fine in the heat but I think running in it the last few days has taken it out of me. I haven’t felt as bad as that in a race for about 10years and I didn’t do much training then”
Well it was one of the hottest days of the year and sometimes you are entitled to a bad run.