Round Norfolk Relay 2023

Absolutely outstanding runs by all. We were just over an hour adrift of the overall winners and only 27 seconds off 2nd place which, over 198 miles is nothing, and for such a small club is excellent. We ran our fastest ever time this year so next year who knows what we can achieve. The weather conditions on the Saturday early stages were, as usual, pretty hard. The sun was a problem but the wind was a bigger one. It seemed like a head wind most of the way. The Saturday evening and Sunday morning stages were much kinder and the rain held off which is a bonus. 
We were 1st small club, 3rd in the Club Class and 4th overall. This was our fastest outing at the RNR. We are already looking forward to next year and, hopefully, an even faster team !!
Individual Trophies
EDP Trophy Michael Eccles stage 1 winner
Fat Birds Don’t Fly Trophy
Scott Walford stage 5 winner
Stage Results
Stage 1. Michael Eccles first overall
Stage 3. Steph Laurence 2nd female
Stage 4. Richard Johnson 3rd male
Stage 5. Scott Walford first overall
Stage 6. Joanne Watkins 3rd female
Stage 7. Leanne Finch 2nd female
Stage 16. Billy Eccles first overall.
The family prize
Father and son, Michael and Billy Eccles and sister Joanne Watkins with and age grading 79.9%.
All Stages
Stage 1. Michael Eccles. 16.32 miles. 1.37.26. 84.6% 1st Overall
Stage 2. Carl White. 14.58 miles. 1.38.21. 68% .5th Male Master
Stage 3 Steph Laurence. 5.76miles. 43.40. 65%. 2nd Lady
Stage 4 Richard Johnson. 11.14 miles. 1.17.14. 71.2%. 3rd Overall
Stage 5. Scott Walford. 10.81 miles. 1.10.51. 79.3%. 1st Overall
Stage 6. Joanne Watkins. 7.90 miles. 55.23. 71.9%. 2nd Lady.
Stage 7. Leanne Finch. 9.24 miles. 56.21. 81.4%. 2nd Lady.
Stage 8. Louise Paterson. 7.52 miles. 55.15. 71.2%. 6th Lady Master.
Stage 9. Simon Bales. 16.60 miles. 1.48.32. 77.5%. 6th Male Master.
Stage 10. Tom Jordan. 18.13 miles. 2.03.54. 67.3%. 9th Male Senior.
Stage 11. Matt Stone. 12.45 miles. 1.13.19. 70.6%. 9th Male Master.
Stage 12. Jack Noble. 19.67 miles. 1.57.39. 77.8%. 4th Male Senior.
Stage 13. Paul Ward. 13.25 miles. 1.29.33. 77.5%. 7th Male Master.
Stage 14. Cancelled. 
Stage 15. Simon Partridge. 10.59 miles. 1.07.35. 74%. 3rd Male Master.
Stage 16. Billy Eccles. 5.49 miles. 30.26. 83.3%. First Overall.
Stage 17. Laurie Woods. 11.73 miles. 1.13.14. 72.6%. 3rd Male Junior.
Our Trophies