Wroxham 5k -1st in series May 2019

The weather conditions and the new fast finish were obviously a help to our 18 members taking part as, between them, they achieved 8 pb’s, 1 EQ pb, 5 age bests, 3 age records and 3 trophies.

Results as follows:-

Jack Noble 17.25 gold standard pb.
Matt Stone 17.30 (eq pb) diamond standard and age best.
Jake Stearman 17.49 gold standard pb.
Paul Ward 18.43 gold standard and a first timer for BVH.
Autumn Hales 19.18 gold standard pb.
Amy Balaam 20.01 gold standard pb and age record.
John Baxter 20.45 diamond standard and age best and 3rd male 60-64 trophy.
Denver Slowther 20.48 silver standard age best.
Karyn Bray 21.32 diamond standard pb, age record and 2nd lady 50-54 trophy.
Dean Hawkins 21.33 bronze standard and first timer.
Louise Paterson 21.40 gold standard age record and first timer.
Jonathan Edwards 21.45 gold standard and age best.
Sarah Bird 23.09 bronze standard pb.
Leanne Botwright 23.23 bronze standard pb.
Gail Hardingham 24.09 diamond standard pb, age record and 2nd lady 60-64 trophy.
Tara Baxter 24.54 bronze standard.
Sally Porter 26.51 silver standard age best.
Andy Bird 27.55