Wroxham C/C 5k Results – July 2022

What a great race this turned out to be and it was so good to see all the top Norfolk athletes out in force. This is what’s been missing for the last couple of years. We can’t single any one out as you all ran your socks off to produce excellent results.
However, we do have two County Champions with Michael Eccles winning the 40-44 age category and Phil Hurr the 65-69.
Also, Michael Eccles, Simon Partridge, Simon Bales and Alastair Leckie won the bronze county team medal.
We had 34 members running in total. 9 ran personal best times. 9 ran new age best times and 9 were running their first 5k for the club:
Michael Eccles 1st V40 in a platinum pb time of 15.22.
Laurie Woods diamond standard pb by over a minute in 16.52.
Simon Partridge diamond standard 40-44 age best time 17.02.
Simon Bales Equalling his pb in 17.12.
Kirk Bagge in his first 5k for BVH a gold standard time of 17.56.
Michael Swindells A gold standard pb of 18.10.
Alastair Leckie first 5k for BVH in a diamond time of 18.12.
Paul Ward a diamond standard pb and age best time of 18.20.
Matt Stone a gold 50-54 age best time of 18.50.
Tom Jordan first 5k for BVH in a silver time of 19.01.
Matthew Crane 45-49 gold age best time of 19.49.
Phil Hurr 1st 65-69 in a platinum and age best time of 19.56.
Joanne Watkins a gold standard pb time of 20.16.
Arron Coe 20.25.
Peter Woods 50-54 age best time 20.27.
Louise Paterson gold standard pb time of 20.38.
Dean Hawkins bronze standard pb of 21.16.
Alastair Ross silver standard pb of 21.17.
Mark Crookes first 5k for BVH silver time of 21.30.
Steph Laurence First 5k for BVH gold time of 21.36.
Fran Cooke First 5k for BVH gold standard 22.11.
Alice Grant bronze standard 22.56
Sarah Bird silver standard 23.40
Scott Chapman pb time of 24.54
Eleanor Chapman First 5k for BVH bronze time of 24.58
Leanne Botwright bronze 25.02 and best time of 35-39.
Katherine Garwood a bronze standard pb time of 25.23
Steph Ellis First 5k for BVH and a sliver time of 25.32
Emily Jordan First 5k for BVH in a silver 25.32
Gail Hardingham a gold 60-64 age best time of 26.05.
Simon Alcock 26.37
Bob Carter a bronze 60-64 age best time of 26.45.
Sally Porter 29.11
Andy Bird new 60-64 age best time 34.19
Well done all, you were great to watch!