Milton Keynes 5000 special 2019

What a wonderful day out at the MK5000 day of pb’s. Great running, great support, great food and a wee bit of well deserved alcohol to finish.

Amy Balaam was first on the track for the 12 and a half laps finishing with a 28 second pb of 20.11.00.
Autumn Hales was in the second race and continuing her recent good form came away with a pb of 18.48.93.
Faith Viney and Matt Stone were in the same race and were having a bit of inter-club rivalry but Faith managed to out sprint Matt on the final 100m. Both ran pb’s of 17.36.50 and 17. 45.64 respectively.
Simon Partridge started off well and up to half way was on track for a pb but the effects of his recent chest were still evident but he still managed an excellent 17.28.78.
Ryan Davidson was in a very competitive field and, as his splits showed, his first half of the race was better than his second but he dug in deep and ran a 15.54.94 pb.
Well done all – you were great and I hope you’ll all want to do it again next year!!