London Marathon 2021

BVH had two members running The Lonod Marathon and both as first time marathoners.
Leanne Botwright had an excellent run finishing in a bronze standard time of 4.11.55. She messaged me to say she loved it, so my reply was “let’s go for sub 4 next year and her reply was “I knew you would say that”.😅
Luke Paterson only decided, after getting a chartity place a few months ago, to run the marathon. There were quite a few doubts about him running after such a short period of training but he was determind to do it so we worked on a get round schedule. He got up to 18 miles in training with no issues at all but after running the The “WAC 20 mile”  he came away sith a knee injury. He then picked up a bad cold, courtesy of this children, but he was still determind to run. He got to 19 miles without too many issues, although his knee was painful, and then it packed up completely. So the last 7 miles were a limping straight leg walk. He finished in 5.21.14. I really hope this hasn’t put him off running. 
Well done.