Ekiden Relays 2019

It was another great day out for BVH at the Ekiden Relays and as usual the team spirit, comaraderie and of course fun was superb.

For anyone who hasn’t competed or supported in the event there are 6 legs as follows:-

7.2k, 5k, 10k, 5k, 10k, 5k making a total of 42k which is the marathon distance. There were 215 teams in total across all categories. Plus Junior teams.

We entered 3 teams in the mixed category, which turned out to be the most popular, with a total of 88 teams finishing.

Our first team across the line was “The BVH Hawks” who finished in 4th place, missing out on the 3rd place trophy by 89 seconds, in a total time of 2.42.17. “The BVH Herons” were 10th in 3.00.18 and ‘The BVH Hummingbirds 54th in 3.33.06.

We had another couple of near misses on trophies with Ryan Davisidon finishing 4th fastest male over the 10k distance and Autumn Hales 5th fastest lady over 5k.

The Hawks.

Leg 1 Phil Hurr 28.18.

Leg 2 Autumn Hales 19.17.

Leg 3 Ryan Davidson 35.01.

Leg 4 Simon Partridge 18.43.

Leg 5 Jake Stearman 39.07.

Leg 6 Amy Balaam 20.48

The Herons

Leg 1 Mark Haynes 28.47.

Leg 2 Hannah Stone 22.30.

Leg 3 Paul Ward 41.43.

Leg 4 Ben Porter 22.47.

Leg 5 Greg Howard 44.34.

Leg 6 Fenella Sunaway 19.54

The Hummingbirds

Leg 1 Louise Paterson 31.57.

Leg 2 Dan Porter 24.46.

Leg 3 Pat Philips 54.16.

Leg 4 Sally Porter 28.09.

Leg 5 Patrick Nelson 50.11.

Leg 6 Dean Hawkins 23.40