Lausanne 20k and Mad March Hare 10k

Simon Partridge ran his first International race today in Lausanne. This was an impromtu run and not part of Simon’s original holiday plan so he took on the 20k distance more for enjoyment than anything else. He still finished in an excellent time of 1.19.36.

Simon’s Report
It was a beautifully sunny day, with a course that initially took us along the lake with views of the Alps across Lake Geneva.

After the first 3km/2miles and passing the Olympic Museum, it was mostly an uphill climb for the next 10km/6miles through Lausanne’s shopping district and around the city’s cathedral, before heading back down to the lake.

The final couple of kilometres were in a lakeside park, before the last 300m in a small, local track/stadium in my first non-UK race.

There were supporters mostly cheering “allé, allé” and live music all the way round the course; it really felt like a citywide event.

Although it ended up a fairly comfortable day (around 16C) I’d prepared myself for a warm run. And with the inclines, sorry, “friends” in the first 12K, I wanted to stay relaxed to be ready to try and exploit the downhill in the second half. I didn’t really set myself a target, I just had an idea of what I could do in the temperature and with the hills. And it was probably my most relaxed and overall enjoyable race.

Sorry there was no BVH vest on show. I wasn’t running this race when I left last weekend, it was only thanks to a late transfer on Friday that it was definitely on (thanks to and hence ‘Pierre’ on my bib number).

As well as being 88 overall and 35 in my age group (M30-39), I was the first Brit too.

The conditions today at Coltishall in the Mad March Hare 10k were wet and very windy so well done to the three BVH’ers running.
Matthew Crane finished only 4 seconds short of a pb in 41.57.
Sarah Bird ran 50.40 and Dad Andy in 59.42.
Well done to you all for tackling the elements.


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