Wymondham 20 Miles March 2018

Colin Robilliard ran a diamond standard time of 2.26.11, achieved the 60+ mens’s age club record and was first 60+ in the race. Who could ask for more.
Matthew Crane, on not as much training as he would have liked, but still looking fresh at 18 miles, ran a silver standard pb time of 2.42.32 and gained the 40+ age club record.
On a sneaky run Emily Hannant surprised us all by turning out to run her first 20 miler for the club finishing in a senior ladies age club record time of 3.12.33.
Jonathan Foot, who was using this race as his build up to The London Marathon, set off right at the back and gradually overtook runners as well as having a chat to them too. Jon has been under par of late but still finished the race not far off his predicted time. This was Jon’s first 20 miler for BVH and he finished in a bronze standard time of 3.14.18. Excellent runs by all.

Colin the 60 + winner of the race